Key concerns among palliative patients

  1. Changine perception of time, what it imeans and how to spend it
  2. Suffering that results fromthe experience of hearing a terminal diagnosis for the first time and the need to communicate effectively with health care professionals
  3. Physical pain, its reality, and its effect on the individual
  4. The importance of being touched and being “in touch”
  5. The natural process of life review
  6. Speaking and hearing truth
  7. Longing and belonging, with regard to the past, who they were to their original families, as well as, in the present with regard to their chosen family.
  8. Asking the question, “”Who I am?” in the search to know who they are in the present, free of the expectations of others.
  9. Experiencing transcendence-meaning, value, God, spirituality, a higher being greater than onself.
FERREL, B AND COYLE, N. 2010. Oxford Textbook of Palliative Care Nursing. 3rd ed. Oxford University Press, New York. p. 14.

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