The step by step descent to suicide?

  1. Emotional isolation: malignant loss of self-esteem and usefulness
  2. Peer pressure and exclusion: deep sense of having lost acceptance, recognition, belonging
  3. Void of joblessness: deep sense of loss of identity, self-worth
  4. Emptiness of depression: pervasive loss of the energy and motivation to live
  5. Impulsivity: why not right now?
  6. Drugs/alcohol: Desperation peaks
  7. Available means: gun, rope, drugs, locale
  8. Family history of  suicide – presents higher risk
  9. Youth and children: altered perception of death and dying, loss of place
  10. Social disadvantage and grievance (profound weariness of perpetual worry and seething).
The chain of reaction inherent in these 10 steps can be broken. Among the most important tools we have are friendship and love which provide the individual with support and ways to access further resources.
Wilkerson, Bill. September 7, 2011. Breaking the suicide chain. Times Colonist News Paper.

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