Male Karyotype: 46 XY

There is a specific way to label a karyotype.  A human has 23 sets of chromosomes, and thus, a total of 46 chromosomes.  Twenty-two of these pairs are autosomal chromosomes, and the last pair is comprised of the sex chromosomes, which don’t have to be identical.  A karyotype is labeled in the following fashion:   number of chromosomes, sex chromosomes (by listing XX for female, or XY for male), any genetic malfunctions.  For example, a normal male would be 46, XY, and a normal female would be 46, XX.

Labelling the chromosome using international cytogenetic nomenclature

inversion and transloation examples shown below by arrows

Source: http://dwb4.unl.edu/Chem/CHEM869N/CHEM869NLinks/library.thinkquest.org/18258/noframes/ped-karyo2.htm


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