An infection of the chorion and amnion, the sacs surrounding the fetus in the womb.


  1. Group B streptotococcus
  2. bacterial vaginosis
  3. Ruptured membranes prolonged period of time
Clinical presentation:

clinical signs and symptoms of chorioamnionitis include the following:

  • Fever (an intrapartum temperature >100.4ºF or >37.8ºC)
  • Significant maternal tachycardia (>120 beats per minute [bpm])
    The fetus may also have tachycardia (>160-180 bpm).
  • Fetal tachycardia (>160-180 bpm)
  • Purulent or foul-smelling amniotic fluid or vaginal discharge
  • Uterine tenderness
  • Maternal leukocytosis (total blood leukocyte count >15,000-18,000 cells/μL)
Infants born to mothers with chorioamnionitis have unfavorable neurologic outcomes. Cerebral palsy and cognitive impairment without CP have a relationship to the presence of maternal chorioamnionitis. Functional polymorphism in the cytokine interleukin (IL)-6 gene is a risk factor for CP.
Treatment and management:
Treatment of infections such as vaginosis during pregnancy and antibiotic treatment of those with rupture membranes for a prolonged period of time.

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