Sacral (pilonidal) dimple

A small fossa located just above the buttocks. Located at or near the sacrum, the tail bone. 


may be a sign of Spina bifida

 Sacral dimples are usually spotted in post-natal checks by a pediatrician


  1. Can the floor of the dimple be seen to be covered with skin? If not, it may be that the neural tube is not completely closed.
  2. Is there a tuft of hair in the dimple? This may also indicate problems.
  3. Are there any other problems in the examination of the baby, such as weak lower limbs? This may indicate neural involvement.
  4. How close to the buttocks is the dimple? This determines the region of the spinal column which may be affected.


Ultrasound assessment will provide further information as to level of vertebral and or neural involvement.

Surgical intervention may be required to close neural tube defect.


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