Breastmilk Collection and Storage

Indications for breastmilk expression and collection:

  1. To collect milk for an infant unable to suckle eg. premature infant
  2. Relief of engorgement
  3. To collect for duration when mother is unable to breastfeed eg. contraindicated post-medical procedure or when returning to work
  4. To stimulate and increase milk production volume
  5. To empty breasts if infant is unable to suckle properly
Criteria for choosing a breast pump:
  1. Efficiently drains the breast
  2. Intermittent vacuum suction cycle (prevents tissue trauma)
  3. Ease of use
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Comfortable to use
  6. Available spare parts
  7. portable
Breastmilk Storage Criteria
  1. Milk out at room temperature: use within 4 hours
  2. Refrigerator: store and use within 48hrs
  3. Self-defrosting freezer: use within 2-3 months
  4. Deep-freezer: Use within 6 mo
  • Date all containers.
Methods for defrosting milk:
  1. Under running water
  2. In fridge, to be used with 24 hrs

Caution for breastmilk defrosting:

  1. Do not refreeze previously frozen milk
  2. Do not defrost in microwave as this destroys nutrient and immunologic components

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