Mastitis (non-infected and infected)



blocked duct with inflammation


  • hard lump

  • tender to touch

  • redness and swelling as milk enters surrounding tissues

  • discharge as increased pressure on surrounding ducts

Treatment and Management: (same as for plugged duct)

  • frequent feedings on affected side

  • moist heat application

  • massage of affected area prior to, and during feedings

  • point infant’s chin towards affected area during feeding to facilitate passage of blockage

  • alternate infant feeding position during feeding to facilitate effective drainage

  • prevent constriction of affected area by tight clothing

Infective mastitis


  • Staphylococcus aureus infection of duct

  • may follow blocked duct or mastitis


  • hardness

  • reddened, tender area

  • flu-like symptoms

  • elevated temperature (>38.5 C)

  • chills and headache

Treatment and Management

  • antibiotics

  • pain management as needed to manage breast discomfort

  • antipyretics to manage fever

  • continue breastfeeding to facilitate clearing of blocked duct and flushing of area

  • moist heat compresses


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