Breastfeeding steps

1. Sit in a relaxed atmosphere. If you have older children get them something to keep them busy.

2. Positioning yourself and baby. Use pillows for support: behind your back, under your arm, or on your lap.

3. Hold your fingers around your breast for support, forming a U shape (as in picture on right), but make sure you are not blocking the areola (dark part around your nipple).

4. Entice baby onto the breast ~ By rubbing your nipple gently over baby’s cheek, lips.

5. Latching on: Bring baby in so that he takes in a large part of the areola at the bottom of his mouth. Flatten the end of your breast with your hands and gently, but firmly place your breast and part of the areola into baby’s mouth. Your nipple should be where baby’s soft palate is (further back in baby’s mouth), if your nipple is at the hard palate you will experience discomfort.

6. Moms can avoid sore nipples with a good latch. If the pain is too much you should unlatch baby and try repositioning.


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