Breast Anatomy

Vasculature of the Breast:


  1. internal mammary

  2. lateral thoracic


  1. Deep

  2. superficial

  • cephalic

  • axillary

  • thoracic


  • 2nd to 6th intercostal

  • 3rd-5th intercostal supply nipple and areola


  • axillary node

  • intercostal mammary node

Breast changes in first trimester of pregnancy

  • extension and branching of ductal system

  • increased lobular and alveolar growth = mastogenesis

Breast changes in the mid trimester of pregnancy

  • secretory development

  • colostrum present in alveoli and milk ducts

Breast changes in the last trimester of pregnancy

  • increased lobular size

Milk ejection pathway

  • Nipple stimulation

  • nerve impulse to hypothalamus

  • then nerve impulse to posterior pituitary

  • posterior pituitary release of oxytocin

  • myoepithelial cells of alveoli contract

  • milk squeezed into ducts


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