Diseases affecting the nerves.

Diseases affecting the motor or sensory peripheral nerves are categorized as neuropathies.


  1. muscular weakness and wasting
  2. anesthesias
  3. paresthesias
  4. clumsiness

Types of neuropathies:

  1. Motor neuropathies
  2. Sensory neuropathies
  3. Mixed (motor and sensory) neuropathies

Categories depending on nerve involvement:

  1. Mononeuropathies
  2. Polyneruopathies


  • involve a single peripheral nerve
  • involvement of several discrete nerves is referred to as mononeuritis multiplex
  • Mononeuropathies are usually caused by local trauma, ischemia, infiltration or vascular disease


  • Describes diffuse involvement of peripheral nerves
  • Polyneuropathies are usually caused by diseases which involve the nerves diffusely.

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