Continuous Bladder Irrigation (CBI)

 Continuous Bladder Irrigation


Two types:

  1. Closed CBI
  2. Open CBI


Closed Bladder Irrigation:

  • provides intermittent or continuous irrigation of the catheter without disrupting the sterile connection between the catheter and the drainage system.
  • Intervention: Limits UTI risk
  • Set-up: involves continuous infusion of sterile solution into the bladder
  • Via: triple lumen catheter
  • Application: following genitourinary surgery preventing urinary tract occlusion by clots
  • do not disconnect a urinary catheter and drainage system unless the catheter is being irrigated using intermittent open technique


  • use normal saline
  • antiseptic technique


Pre-procedural checks:

  • check patient record to determine purpose for bladder irrigation
  • check physician’s orders to determine:
  1. type and amount of irrigant
  2. frequency of irrigation: rate and if continuous or intermittent.



  1. Colour of urine
  2. Presence of mucus, clots or sediment
  3. Palpate the bladder
  4. For CBI assess ongoing urinary output
  5. For CBI assess amount of irrigant inputting
  6. note amt remaining in bag to be imputed
  7. Assess for abdominal pain or spasms
  8. Assess for sensation of bladder fullness
  9. Assess for urinary bypass
  10. Assess for signs and symptoms of UTI



  • If output is less than input, catheter may be obstructed by clots or mucous or tubing kinked
  • If urinary output has stopped and catheter patency cannot be re-established through manual irrigation stop CBI and notify physician



  • Time CBI initiated
  • Amt and type of irrigant soln
  • character (presence of clots) and change in character of urinary returns
  • in & outs – change bag, drainage emptied
  • patient’s tolerance for the procedure
  • bladder spasms or pain

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