The flush technique for taking Blood Pressure


Flush technique for obtaining pediatric BP:

  • Used in infants or very young children where lack of cooperation precludes use of auscultation and palpation to determine BP
  • The flush technique allows for a value lying between the systolic and diastolic to be determined
  • with the cuff in place, an elastic bandage is wrapped around the elevated arm
  • Proceeding from the fingers to the anticubital space emptying of the capillaries and venous network occurs
  • The cuff is now inflated to a pressure above the expected systolic reading
  • the bandage is removed
  • the now pallid arm is placed at the patient’s side
  • the pressure is allowed to fall slowly until the sudden flush of normal colour returns to forearm, hand and fingers.
  • The endpoint is strikingly clear
  • This method may also be used on the thigh

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