Insulin Types and Action


Common Types of Insulin

Humulin RTorontoShort-acting Humulin NNPHIntermediate Glargine/ LantusLong-acting
onset 30-60 minpeak: 15-30minduration 30-60 min Onset:1-2hPeak:4-12hDuration:18-24h Onset:3-4h Peak:noneDuration: 24h
  • administered 30 prior to the first meal of the day
  • a second dose may be given before the evening meal or @ HS
  • may only be given Sub Q
  • may be given IV or subcutaneously


  • pertaining to a meal.
  • In reference to a short acting insulin taken before meals.
  • Humulin R


  • Pertaining to the minimal life-sustaining level.
  • In reference to Low continuous insulin dosing or slow-acting insulin
  • Glargine


  • pertaining to added to complete or make up a deficiency
  • In reference to high blood sugar levels after insulin administration, supplemental insulin will be given to bring blood sugar levels back to normal.
  • Humulin N

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