Mallampati Score

  • Indication
    1. Anesthesiology evaluation to assess ease of intubation
    2. Sleep Apnea evaluation (experimental)
  • Exam
    1. Assess tonsil and tonsillar fossa visibility
    2. View pharynx with mouth open at rest
      1. No phonation
      2. No protrusion of Tongue
    3. Scoring
      1. Class 1: Entire tonsil clearly visible
      2. Class 2: Upper half of tonsil fossa visible
      3. Class 3: Soft and Hard Palate clearly visible
      4. Class 4: Only Hard Palate visible
  • Interpretation
    1. Higher Mallampati score (Type 4) is higher risk
      1. More difficult intubation
      2. Associated with Sleep Apnea
  • Family Practice Notebook.  2008. Mallampati Score. Retrieved September 14, 2010 from


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