Time is brain

“Time is brain” intervention lag time determines brain function retained in cases of brain trauma.



  • decreased ventricular space
  • decrease in cerebrospinal fluid
  • decrease in vascular space
  • decreased perfusion
  • increased cerbroperfusion pressure (compensatory mechanism)
  • increased blood pressure
  • resultingly the brain continues to swell under pressure

Manifestations of ICP

  1. decreased LOC
  2. pupil changes
  3. increased BP
  4. decreased pulse
  5. changes in resp, cheyne-stokes resp pattern
  6. changes in temperature
  7. Positive Babinski reflex
  8. Fixed dilated pupils
  9. Absent Reflexes
  10. Brain Herniation
  11. Abnormal Posturing
  • decorticate posture
  • arching posture


Diagnostics and Treatment:

  1. MRI for inflammation, hematoma
  2. X-ray for skull fracture
  3. Blood work and cerebrospinal fluid assessment for viral or bacterial infection
  • Treatment of infections
  • Surgical reduction of of skull compression fractures
  • Interventions to decrease swelling and management of symptoms (high blood pressure, perfusion, respirations).

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