Class: benzodiazapine.


  1. antianxiety agent
  2. sedative


  1. preprocedural sedation and anxiolysis
  2. Preoperative sedation/anxiolysis/amnesia
  3. conscious sedation during short procedures
  4. IV use providesanxiolysis/amnesia during therpeutic, diagnostic or radiographic procedures
  5. aids in the induction of anesthesia and as part of balanced anesthesia process
  6. As continuous infusion, provides sedation of mechanically ventilated patients (ICU)
  7. As continuous infusion or intermittent doses used in palliative care for sedation and treatment of anxiety.

Assess and monitor:

  1. sedation level throughout procedure
  2. BP
  3. pulse
  4. respirations – monitor continuously.

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