Malignant Melanoma

Type of cancer that arises in pigment cells within the skin. It is less common than the other sorts, but can be more serious.


  • 2% of all cancer deaths and most lethal type of skin cancers
  • arises in melanocytes
  • progresses rapidly in situ prior to metastasis
  • arises on non-exposed and sun exposed skin surfaces



  • intensity of exposure more than exposure duration (as in other types)


Manifestations – main features

  • change in lesion over months
  1. change in size is most significant
  • doubles in size in 3-8 mo
  1. bleeding, purutic, ulcerating
  2. itching
  3. develops different colour shades
  • blue, brown, black in one lesion
  1. raised surface
  2. irregular border
  3. crusting lesion
  • metastasis to brain, bone, lung, liver



  • early detection is vital
  • Sx removal

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