Chronic Renal Failure


Chronic Renal Failure

  • cumulative and progressive damage
  • irreversible
  • secondary to an underlying problem



  1. Diabetes
  • nephropathy – vascular damage
  1. HTN
  • high pressure damage to small blood vessels
  1. Glomerulonephritis


progression over months and years

  • progresses through stages

 Diminishment phase

  • diminished renal reserve
  • GFR less than 50% of normal (Normal = 120-130mL/min)
  • no signs of impaired renal Fx

 Renal Insufficiency

  • GFR less than 20-50% of normal

 Renal Failure

  • GFR less than 20%

 End Stage Renal failure

  • GFR less than 5% of normal

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