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Urinary Incontinence Assessment




Diabetes and Insulin

  • a condition marked by carbohydrate, protein and lipid metabolism deficiency


  1. an absolute insulin deficiency
  2. impaired release of insulin by the pancreatic beta cells
  3. inadequate or defective insulin receptors on body cells
  4. inadequate or defective postreceptor regulation
  5. the production of inactive insulin
  6. Premature destruction of insulin before it is able to act in the body

Primum non nocere

From the latin – First Do No Harm

Diabetes Mellitus

Derived from the greek terms:

Diabetes – going through

Mellitus – honey

  • characterized in the first century AD as a chronic affliction of intense thirst with the production of copious amounts of sweet urine.
  • The discovery and isolation of insulin in 1922 by Banting and Best changed the outlook of this fatal disease to that of a chronic managable condition.